"We want you to succceed. It's just good business."


Did you know that a majority of nonfiction books are written by Ghostwriters?

Articles, Social Media, Tutorials - all done by professional writers, like us, hired to help their Clients' business grow. 

Cut weeks off research and drafts, and get back to the job you intended to do. Our firm can create the content of your site, books, and speeches, and allow you to concentrate on your work. Why unplug from your business, for a project that spends your time for you. Time is money, and you could be spending it on your career. 

Our job is to bring value to you. We know the writing standards, which rules to break, and the want to do the research for your literature. 

Let us make your life easier. Invest in your career with our service.


Too often you'll need to switch between work mode to project mode. And sometimes, for a great number of us, that can get exhausting. You might be multitalented, but there's just not enough time in the day to be everything. And that's where we come in.

Your business is an investment, and we can help by doing the hard part for you, such as:

  • the weeks of research between the topics of, commentaries, thesis, and public opinion
  • the months of writing your book, connecting all the dots, and writing more to solidify the connections 
  • the daily reach for your demograph, as social media is time sensitive when you're goaling for popularity
  • that week to build the perfect speech, in poetry, factuals, and more


Before any project begins, we consult our Clients over their needs. In Agent-Client confidentiality, your ideas are kept private.

When the project begins, we require you to sign a Nondisclosure Agreement with us - protecting all the information pertaining to the product and service.

After the project is done, we ask for referrals, and keep no copyright and ownership to any of your work. Our service to to write, not represent.

In short: It's all yours.


Our best clients are businesses and motivated, growth-minded professionals, entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, and consultants, where their time is spent mostly on the immediate needs of their career - they may be selling contracts to distinguished companies or professionals, or escavating their next project in a foreign country, or representing a cause at special events. What ever it may be, we are here to help them through the details. 

Consultants, Speakers, and Entrepreneurs are some of the many whom we serve. And others, continually in their ever-growing business. 

Led by founder, Eugene Cordell, a former Web Design and Editor for over ten years in entertainment, freelancing between studios in reputation management, before building Eugene Cordell & Company, we are a professional group of US-based writers and editors.

We produce books, articles, speeches, screenplays, blogs and more. We are dedicated, professional, and educated - always learning, always improving. 

As an example, our founder was recently certified as a Paralegal, specializing in Trademarks, Copyrights, and Incorporations. He's a produced Playwright in North Hollywood, and a founder of Azure Lorica - a nonprofit antibully society with a film festival in Pasadena, CA, since 2010 - connecting with Actors, Filmmakers, and Producers across the world. His Editing and Publicist career in the book world led him to writing blogs and articles, and managing publishers between the sales and accounting department, for the past two years. 

Our Ghostwriters have led colorful careers, as well, and continue to improve, so to serve you better. 

If you're new to this, we can start with a free consultation, and welcome you to look at our portfolio.


Our Clients have their own Proofreaders, Editors, and Publishers. And since we complete the project as content creators, they are free to change whatever they'd like. 

But for those that do not have any of the above, we're open to refer professionals. Please contact us, and we can point you to the right direction:


Eugene Cordell & Company is a Ghostwriting Firm, in Los Angeles, California - serving local and international clients as private wordsmiths, specializing in the following:

Founded by Eugene Cordell, former Web Designer Freelancer, now Professional Editor, our firm delivers quality work in an array of formats within the English world. From wedding speeches to distribution contracts, our Ghostwriters have executed brilliant works, with a personal touch.

In the nature of our profession, our Clients' projects are held confidential. But, for the some that have given us the privilege to showcase, we invite you to scroll through our Portfolio, and see if we may be a good fit for you?

To read more literature, we have a collection of sample works for your viewing:


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